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Are your shoulders DONE reaching to pick things up?

Many Active Adults Needlessly Live With Shoulder Pain… 


We are the team from ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness and we’re doing something SPECIAL to help the people of Augusta, GA. !


We’re offering a Complete Shoulder Diagnostic for Augusta Area Residents! This Total Shoulder Diagnostic Evaluation includes;

✅ Current Health & Previous Injury Analysis

✅ Total Shoulder Movement Screen

✅ Physical Performance Test

✅ Report of Findings


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This assessment includes everything you need to get on the road to recovery.

But appointments are limited…


***Depending on your insurance coverage you may not have to pay anything at all! (Disclaimer: Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to receive a Complete Shoulder Assessment at the standard Medicare co-pay rates. Other restrictions may apply based on insurance coverage.)***

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Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain

What’s Included in a Complete Shoulder Assessment:



History & Injury Analysis


Total Shoulder Movement Screen


Physical Performance Tests


Report of Findings

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What People Say About Us


When I got the call to schedule the appointment, the office staff was friendly. I also received a detailed explanation of what my insurance would pay and my estimated out of pocket. When I got to my appointment, the staff was equally warm and the vibe of the office was welcoming. And finally, I scored a good physical therapist -she did a thorough evaluation and provided suggestions…I’m very optimistic this team is gonna be able to help. 

Very friendly staff. They seem to go out of their way to work with your schedule. Knowledgeable healthcare providers. Positive results…

Everyone there are very friendly. Also, my therapist was very knowledgeable.

ProActive Medical Professionals

The staff are accommodating, talented, and very welcoming…a true blessing to our local medical community!

Jeremy Rueggeberg

Medical Professionals Magazine

I love the one on one and they really take time with their patients. 

As a clinic administrator and health executive for 10 years, this experience has been refreshing. You all have to share what you have here. You’re definitely winning. From beginning to end, a great experience.

Personal therapy designed to assist with return to full function. The staff is friendly and professional

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Our Approach

We understand that struggling with the stress and strain of chronic pain can be tough…Whether it’s waking up feeling stiff or severe tension after walking, running, or playing, no one wants to spend each day dealing with the soreness that chronic pain brings. While many people choose surgery or injections for pain relief, at ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness, we offer non-surgical therapies which prevents patients from going under the knife.

We take a biopsychosocial approach.

Simply put: humans are incredibly complex (tell me something I don’t know, right?)

We understand how physical, psychological, and social/environmental factors interact throughout your experience of a disease, injury, or illness. We also understand that there are too many factors at play for rigid treatment protocols or “cookie-cutter” treatment programs.

We don’t simply rely on a diagnosis or symptoms to determine which treatment option, assessment tool, or outcome measure will be most effective for you. We look at your whole person, not just the aches and pains you’re currently feeling now.

Because each person is different, throwing patients into the same exact treatment program will likely result in suboptimal outcomes. So we don’t do that here. By addressing not simply the physical symptoms and issues with your tissues, joints, and posture —and taking a broader look at your individual context and situation— we are able to deliver a higher standard of care. And that’s the approach we take at ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness.


ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness Can Help You If…

You experience pain with overhead reaching…


You are trying to avoid surgery for shoulder pain…


You experience weakness in your shoulders…


You have pain or weakness with certain shoulder movements…

You recently had a surgical repair or joint replacement in your shoulder…


You can’t reach behind your back…


You’ve tried other treatments in the past, but still experience shoulder pain or limitations…


You’re looking for healthcare guides that will empower you to take charge of your recovery…

Our Commitment To Our Patients


We treat the whole person


We are a guide, not a crutch


We will prioritize building meaningful relationships


We will embrace transparency

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