Rafi Salazar on Drop the Dis Podcast
Drop the Dis

So, every now and then, I do an interview that ends up falling outside of the usual “humanizing healthcare” discussion. I recently sat down with Chris and David from Drop the Dis, a podcast that explores cool things happening here in Augusta, GA. We’re not only the home of the Master’s Golf Tournament. The city has a lot going for it in the areas of cyber security and medical.

In this podcast interview, I discuss a bit about my journey into healthcare as a career field, as well as some of the work I’ve been blessed to be able to do as an OT, consultant, professor, and author. This was a fun conversation, and maybe it’ll shed a little light on why we do some of the things we do here at ProActive.

Rafi Salazar on Drop the Dis Podcast

Here’s the interview from the podcast. It’s always fun to sit down with folks and have a free-flowing conversation about healthcare, human relationships, and business.

What we discussed:

  • Deciding on healthcare as a career (or calling)
  • Working in a outpatient upper extremity specially clinic for the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Approach I Wanted Take to Working withPatients in the clinic
  • The Better Outcomes Show Podcast
  • The story behind how the book came about
  • Purchasing the clinic and my vision for the future of healthcare
  • Life without health insurance (and using a health share service)
  • Human relationships in healthcare

Check it out below!


What do you think about building lasting relationships in healthcare?  Share any additional resources that you found helpful in the comments below!

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Rafi Salazar OT

Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L (Rafi) is the CEO & President of Proactive Rehabilitation & Wellness, as well as the Principal Owner of Rehab U Practice Solutions and the host of The Better Outcomes Show. He has experience in a variety of rehab settings, working with patients recovering from a variety of injuries and surgeries. He worked as the lead clinician in an outpatient specialty clinic at his local VA Medical center, where he worked on projects to improve patient & employee engagement and experience throughout the organization. He has experience as a faculty member at Augusta University’s Occupational Therapy Program, as a Licensed Board Member on the GA State OT Board, has served on several committees for the national OT Board (NBCOT), and as a consultant working for the State of Georgia’s DBHDD. He is also on the Board of Directors for NBCOT. Rafi also authored the book Better Outcomes: A Guide to Humanizing Healthcare