A PT’s Guide: 5 Best Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment

We talk about the importance of exercise, especially home exercises, a lot around here at ProActive. In fact, we developed an entire course about the importance of exercise and how to plan home exercise programs. In this article Susannah Azofeifa, PT, DPT from our team shares her insights on the most useful pieces of home exercise equipment.

Here’s her list for the best pieces of home exercise equipment:

  • Light dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Swiss Ball
  • Foam roller
  • Your own body!

Below, she breaks down each item on the list and their benefits.


5 of the Most Useful & Cost-Effective Resources for At-Home Exercise!


Here’s a video summary of the list:


Below, find each resource or piece of equipment and why they’re so beneficial. 


1. Light dumbbells

Dumbbell Home Exercise

These can be used for various activities to strengthen both upper and lower body. Dumbbells can range from 1 pound to 100 pounds and can be used 1 at a time or as a pair. Amazon actually has good options for relatively affordable prices. Check some out here


2. Resistance bands

Resistance Bands Home Exercises

Relatively inexpensive and can be used for both upper and lower body resistance training. Very effective for strengthening. These range from very light resistance to extra heavy resistance based on your current fitness level. You can find a good starter set of 5 bands here


3. Swiss ball

Swiss Ball Home Exercises

Swiss balls can be used for stretching as well as strengthening activities. They can also be used for Yoga type activities in the home. They come in multiple sizes and are inexpensive. Can also double as a seat while sitting at the desk or watching tv! Make sure you grab an anti-burst exercise ball.

4. Foam roller


Foam Roller Home Exercise Equipment

Foam rollers are great for rolling out sore muscles and can also help to improve mobility. They are very cost effective and come in multiple sizes. Make sure you grab a high-density round foam roller. You want the high-density foam because it won’t squish when you put body weight on it. 



Vascular 2

Your own body is the cheapest and easiest option for simple and effective home exercise – you always have it with you! There are countless activities that can be done to improve strength and flexibility as well as increase heart rate to improve your overall health. Here is a list of some common body weight exercises that can be incorporated easily at home: squats, push ups, burpees, lunges, sit ups, planks, etc. There are plenty of books, apps and resources out there. In fact, Rafi Salazar is a big fan of the book Train Smart: Run Forever because it has a great bodyweight exercise program at the end of the book. 



Hopefully, this article gives you some ideas around the best types of home exercise equipment out there. We always encourage people to simply start regular exercises. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership. What you do need is to start!


Susannah Azofeifa, PT, DPT was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky but now calls North Augusta, SC home. She attended the University of Louisville and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science in 2017. She then attended Breanu University where she received her doctorate of physical therapy in 2021. Susannah enjoys treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions and also specializes in treating pelvic floor dysfunction, and pre and post partum individuals. She enjoys spending time doing activities such as CrossFit, being outdoors, traveling, being with family, and spending time with her husband, Fabian. She heads up our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (PFPT) program here at ProActive.

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Rafi also authored the book Better Outcomes: A Guide to Humanizing Healthcare