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Proactive Rehabilitation & Wellness offers physical & occupational therapy house calls to clients who require outpatient physical therapy but are unable receive treatment in the clinic due to medical reasons. Your ProActive therapist will bring the necessary equipment to you in your home, work or gym to provide skilled outpatient therapy until you are able to come to the clinic for treatment.

At Proactive Rehabilitation & Wellness, we believe in the importance of getting you up and moving, even if it means coming to your house to make it easier and safer for you to do so. 

Who May Benefit From PT/OT House Calls?


Below is a list of situations where PT/OT house calls may be considered medically necessary and covered my medicare and other health insurances:

  • Clients with post-operative restrictions that would make travel to the clinic unsafe (e.g. hip replacement, spinal surgery)


  • Clients who are no longer homebound (ineligible for home health therapy) but are still unable to safely and consistently attend outpatient therapy


  • Clients with acute injury or pain that prevents them from traveling to therapy


  • Clients with cancer, organ transplants, or other conditions that compromise the immune system


  • Clients with severe deconditioning for whom travel to therapy would cause excessive fatigue


  • Clients who are at risk for falling and require safety training in the home environment


PT/OT House Calls may be available to clients who do not meet our medical necessity criteria, for a convenience fee. Reach Out today to learn more about PT/OT House Calls and whether you are a candidate.

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