Research shows that completing these 4 foot exercises improve ankle plantar flexion, and also increases foot posture and function in people with flat foot deformity. This suggests that foot problems benefit from exercises. These exercises are also recommended for runners attempting to transition to barefoot or minimalist footwear.

Research also shows that certain foot exercises help increase your tolerance for barefoot walking and running. For example, one study showed that only 4 simple foot exercises improved calf strength and stability during walking. These four exercises included:

  • Foot Doming while Seated
  • Foot Doming while Standing
  • Plantar Flexion & Inversion
  • Toe Spreading

The research suggests also completing what’s called “barefoot weight bearing” (standing on barefeet or minimalist shoes) for 2 hours a day, 5 days per week. Complete the exercises daily and barefoot weight bearing for 8 weeks.