Ever heard of natural running?


Running as a sport boasts nearly the highest injury rate, in some cases up to nearly 85% in novice or amateur runners [1]. That’s a crazy high number of injuries. Basically, 8 out of every 10 runners experience some kind of running-related injury each year. So, naturally, that means there’s no lack of information on ways to prevent injuries, overcome injuries, and/or adapting running styles to prevent injuries.

One of these topics revolves around barefoot running, minimalist shoes, and forefoot strike technique. And, depending on who you talk to, barefoot running is either a magic bullet that will cure all running injuries or a great mistake runners should never try.

Whether you are a novice runner who runs a few miles per week or ultra runner covering hundreds of miles per month, it can be overwhelming to begin searching through the running information, especially on the topic of barefoot running.

This ebook will help provide some clarity around all of the information you may find on the internet, particularly about natural running and minimalist or barefoot shoes. The information in this ebook comes from clinical research and evidence, and we include all of the references and links to the original journal articles at the end of each section.

What is contained in the following chapters is an exploration of what we call “Natural Running”. We explore how footwear affects running posture and performance, why the way most of us run is wrong, and how to change our stride pattern to capitalize on our natural strengths coming from our anatomy to run longer, faster, and without injuries.


What’s Inside:


  • 2 Digital Downloads!
    • 1) eBook with resources & training plan
    • 2) 8-Week Training program
  • The basic theories, ideas and research about minimalist and barefoot footwear & barefoot running
    • 43 Pages of information & training exercises & programs to successfully transition to forefoot running techniques
  • Strategies to transition away from conventional, supportive shoes towards minimalist or barefoot shoes while preventing injuries
  • Tips & exercises for changing from a heel-strike to a fore-foot strike when running
  • An 8-week transition training program that covers the exercises, stretches, and workout routine to successfully transition to natural running, regardless of the shoes you choose to wear.


We also have a version available on Kindle here.


What’s Cost?


Just $9.99! If you want to get a Kindle Version, that’s only $2.99 here.

For less than the cost of lunch, you can get a complete, 8-week training program designed to help you improve your running form, decrease your risk of injury, and lay the foundation for lifelong running.


Why Get This Book?


Our hope is that you will finish this book both inspired to continue running and empowered to make the changes needed to adopt a more natural running technique that will, hopefully, help you continue running injury-free for years to come.

We hope this book will help you cut through the hype, emotion, and myths surrounding barefoot or minimalist running and will increase your knowledge and understanding of the your running technique and footwear.