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Pain Relief Tips

Read our latest resource articles from our health blog. We cover topics ranging from pain, injuries, and current treatment strategies that are supported by research. We’ve tried to distill this information down to a simple, easy-to-read format, so you don’t have to wade through the mind-numbing statistics, p-values, and T-tests. Our hope is that these articles help guide you on your road to overcoming pain and returning to those activities that are meaningful to you.

No Pain No Gain

Why “No Pain, No Gain” is a Wrong Idea

Let’s be honest, we have all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain”, or “go big or go home”. If I am being completely honest, I’ve said this a time or two while in the gym myself and I hear it quite frequently from my patients. So, is this slogan true in the realm of...
Is telehealth physical therapy right for me

Is Telehealth Physical Therapy Right for Me?

Is Telehealth Physical Therapy Right for Me? It seems like the world changed course after COVID, resulting in many fields moving their practice model in new directions. Healthcare is not immune. So many types of medical specialties are now providing options for...
Fear Avoidance

It Hurts!!! I should rest? A Clinician Explains Fear Avoidance

Ever heard the term Fear Avoidance? Have you ever had an injury and thought you should avoid all movement? Or even been fearful of movement?   What is Fear Avoidance?   The fear avoidance model describes how individuals develop and maintain chronic pain as a...
Is Diabetes Reversible?

Is Diabetes Reversible?

Is Diabetes Reversible? Chances are, as you are reading this, you can think of 2-3 people you know with diabetes, most of whom have Type 2 diabetes. Maybe you are one of them. According to the National Institute of Health in 2019, 11.3% of the American population had...
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Immediately Postpartum

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Immediately Postpartum

What are the benefits of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Immediately Postpartum?   Before, during, and after delivering a child, whether it be a c-section or vaginal delivery, your pelvic floor takes on a lot of stress! The pelvic floor acts as a sling-like...
The Movement Movement Podcast

All About Minimalist Running: Rafi Salazar on The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast

You've probably seen our posts and articles on The Natural Runner and transitioning to minimalist footwear. I was recently interviewed by Steven Sashen on The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast. It was a great experience! We talked about how to enjoy natural running in 8...
Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain: Tips and Ultimate Guide for a Refreshing Workout

Running in the rain can be a unique and invigorating experience for avid runners. While many might opt to stay indoors during inclement weather, running in the rain offers its own set of challenges and rewards. In this article, we explore valuable tips to help you...
Devices for Arthritis

The Best Devices for Arthritis

Assistive Devices for Arthritis: Empowering Independence & Enhancing Comfort Living with arthritis can present significant challenges, affecting one's ability to perform everyday tasks. However, with the advancement of assistive devices for arthritis, a new realm...
Surgery vs. Therapy

Surgery vs Therapy: Which has Better Outcomes?

Surgery or Rehab- What leads to better outcomes?   There are some surgeries that are unavoidable, ruptured appendixes, severe fractures, and organ transplants, to name a few. But many people struggle with the decision between whether to pursue surgery for their...
Running for Mental Health

Running vs. Antidepressants: Exploring the Benefits Running for Mental Health

How does running compare to antidepressants? In today's fast-paced world, mental health concerns have become increasingly prevalent. People are constantly seeking effective ways to manage their emotional well-being and find relief from conditions like depression and...

Helpful Videos

Here, you’ll find videos from our YouTube channel. Through these videos, we aim to provide quick, easily understandable insights and information to help you on your road to recovery. 

Courses & Digital Products

Here, you’ll find courses and digital products. Through these products, we aim to provide clear, understandable, and evidence-based insights and information to help you on your road to recovery.

The Core-4 Shoulder Exercises

The Core-4 Shoulder Exercises for Shoulder Pain These exercises target the 4 movements that include the most common muscular weakness or imbalances that patients experiencing shoulder pain may experience. Research […]

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