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Pain Relief Tips

Read our latest resource articles from our health blog. We cover topics ranging from pain, injuries, and current treatment strategies that are supported by research. We’ve tried to distill this information down to a simple, easy-to-read format, so you don’t have to wade through the mind-numbing statistics, p-values, and T-tests. Our hope is that these articles help guide you on your road to overcoming pain and returning to those activities that are meaningful to you.

5 Tips to Reduce Headaches from a Physical Therapist

5 Tips for Decreasing Headache Frequency & Intensity Do you, or someone you know, suffer from chronic headaches? Headaches arising from cervical musculoskeletal are common, and can oftentimes be debilitating. Conservative treatment, like physical therapy, should...
wrist support

Wrist Braces and Splints for Carpal Tunnel & Tendinitis

Ever thought about getting a wrist support or wrist brace to help decrease pain? Maybe you have carpal tunnel syndrome and have been told that a brace or splint can help. Maybe you developed tendinitis from jumping too quickly into exercise without working your way...
Genes and Genetic Conditions

Bad Genes? Ditch Your Jeans for Joggers!

How many times have you heard people say that they were destined for certain health conditions because of “bad genes” or genetics? In medical settings, we hear this all the time! Many patients that come into the clinic say something about their "bad genes". It is a...
Costs of Surgery vs Therapy

Surgery vs Therapy: What’s the Difference in Costs?

Choosing Conservative Treatment Before Surgery   The cost of surgery, therapy, or other healthcare treatment varies from location to location. However, one thing remains fairly consistent: surgery tends to cost more than conservative treatment options. But, cost...
PT prior to Surgery

4 Reasons to Choose Therapy Before Surgery

*Note: This article about surgery and physical therapy was written by one of our great team members, Susannah Azofeifa, PT, DPT.    Thinking About Having Surgery?   Oftentimes, when people hurt themselves they may think that undergoing surgery is the only...
Surgery vs. Therapy for Rotator Cuff

Surgery vs. Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries: Ask a Therapist

Do you need surgery for rotator cuff injuries? If you have shoulder pain, you're not alone. In fact, shoulder pain ranks just behind low back pain for the reason people seek medical care. And, among people experiencing shoulder pain, roughly 7/10 of them experience...
aquatic exercise

5 Things You Should Know About Aquatic Therapy

NOTE: This article was written by Brook Suggs, PTA, one of our great team members. She works a lot in our aquatic therapy program, so she thought she'd share some things people should know about aquatic therapy & aquatic exercise.  Should you consider aquatic...
Urinary Urgency

Top 5 Tips: How to Reduce Urinary Urgency

Ask a PT: How to Reduce Urinary Urgency People experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and pain may also experience urinary urgency. This urgency often impacts their ability to do things we all take for granted, like attend social gatherings and parties. In this...
How long does it take to transition to barefoot shoes?

How long does it take to transition to barefoot shoes?

How long does it take to transition to barefoot shoes? If you're thinking about getting into barefoot or minimalist running, you've probably asked "how long does it take to transition?" "Can I just take my shoes off and start running barefoot?" The short answer is,...
Pelvic Floor PT

5 Ways to Reduce Pelvic Pain: According to a PT

This is another article comes from our resident Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy expert, Susannah Azofeifa, PT, DPT. In it, she shares 5 effective techniques to reduce pelvic pain. Here is her list. Diaphragmatic Breathing Happy Baby Pose Cat & Camel Exercises Hip...

Helpful Videos

Here, you’ll find videos from our YouTube channel. Through these videos, we aim to provide quick, easily understandable insights and information to help you on your road to recovery. 

Courses & Digital Products

Here, you’ll find courses and digital products. Through these products, we aim to provide clear, understandable, and evidence-based insights and information to help you on your road to recovery.

The Core-4 Shoulder Exercises

The Core-4 Shoulder Exercises for Shoulder Pain These exercises target the 4 movements that include the most common muscular weakness or imbalances that patients experiencing shoulder pain may experience. Research […]

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